For The Traveller Who Wants More

When travelling to London, a first time visitor will want to explore the iconic sights of the city such as Big Ben, Buckingham Palace and the Tower of London but those who have experienced London several times maybe looking for something a little bit more. Shoreditch is an up and coming part of London, a place that has grown in popularity due to its creative culture, its quirky shops and delicious street food. It is a great place to explore for those who are already familiar with the more tourist parts of the city.


Shoreditch’s Street Art


Street art is one of the many attractions of Shoreditch; much of the art around London can be found in its galleries but Shoreditch likes to showcase its art on its street. Graffiti artists flock from all over the city to showcase their designs in this borough of London and, in turn, this attracts a huge following from art lovers and photographers to tourists that come from hotels in West London just to appreciate the creativity. Brick Lane and Redchurch Street are the places to go to see some breathtaking art but, if you are a budding artist or simply have an interest, then Shoreditch Street Art Tours are available with expert guides who will give you an insight into the area and the people behind the street art.


Shoreditch’s Street Food


As with many areas of London, Shoreditch is filled with restaurants, bars and cafes but the one thing that it is famous throughout the city for is its street food. Head to the Food Village for a huge choice of food including steak, churrios, burritos and pizza and admire its unique eclectic interior. The Food Village can be quite busy but the new Pump Street Food Market is bigger and offers a much wider range of food including Japanese hot dogs which are one of the best sellers there. If you’re a food lover, it is worth a trip to these two food destinations.


Shoreditch’s Boutiques


Unlike the rest of the city, Shoreditch’s shopping venues are mainly boutiques that offer a quirky array of items. About 30 minutes from LUMA Hotel central London, Redchurch Street is filled to the brim with an incredible amount of shops that all offer something unique; there is Le Labo holds a wonderful selection of perfumes that can be mixed together to create your very own scent right there and then, contemporary designers that are up and coming on the red carpet and oldie-worldie clothing shops that will have you reminiscing about your childhood. It is a great place for visitors who aren’t looking for the standard London memorabilia.


A Shoreditch Night Out


There is a general theme of uniqueness to Shoreditch and its nightlife is not different. The Book Club is a restaurant by day and a bar by night and offers something different in the way of nighttime entertainment, Ping-Pong tables. It is such a fun way to socialise and is a great way to get everyone talking. If Ping-Pong isn’t your thing, the Pillow Cinema offers a rooftop cinema experience but with the comfort of beanbags and blankets. There are a range of filsm on offer, from classics to new releases, so check their schedule before hand and always book in advance as it is a popular choice in the area.